31 Years of Progress

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Photo of the 'Capital Crawl'. Several people with disabilities pictured climbing up the stairs to the Capital building in March, 1990. This was seen as the catalyst for the signing of the ADA. Photo credit: Jeff Markowitz/AP

The ‘Capital Crawl’ that took place in March of 1990 was seen as the catalyst for the signing of the ADA. Photo credit: Jeff Markowitz/AP











The Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA) was signed into law 31 years ago on July 26th, 1990.  Since then a lot has changed.  Let’s take a look at some of the progress.   Prior to the ADA, businesses, public transportation and public places were difficult to access due to lack of curb cuts, flat or ramped entrances as well as accessible parking spaces.   Now, 31 years later, progress is visible.  Curb cuts are more common and many doors have accessible features.  Public transportation has improved from an accessibility standpoint.  Busses have lift ramps, handrails and information about service routes are provided in accessible formats.  People were once placed into institutions but now can receive community based services to increase independence within their homes.  The Olmstead decision ensures that people with disabilities are provided with the services needed to live in the community.  Most recently in Minnesota, several legislative policies providing increased access to public transportation, parks and increased workplace protections passed both the House and Senate.  Minnesota Council on Disability Public Policy Director Trevor Turner broke down what that means for people with disabilities.  We acknowledge the battle for equal rights is far from over.  We also look to the future, and celebrate 31 years of progress.

If you have questions about the ADA or the protections it provides people with disabilities, please call Freedom Resource Center at 1-800-450-0459.

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