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Photo of George Wildgust who has down syndrome and just celebrated his 77th birthday: Photo credit: Mypositiveoutlook.com

There is no reason that someone with a disability can’t live a healthy, productive life. Photo credit: mypositiveoutlook.com







So often we are labeled in a way that puts us in a box and that is where we operate from.

At Freedom Resource Center it’s our mission to help people with disabilities lead more independent lives. We listen with open ears, we guide you in the direction of your goals, and empower you to lead a life of fulfillment however that looks to each person.

Expectations can try to tell us one thing, but when we have the proper supports in our lives, we are capable of so much more. George Wildgust is just one example of someone “beating the odds.”

“George Wildgust is proof that babies born with Down Syndrome can lead long, healthy, fulfilling, and independent lives with the love and support of friends, family, and the community. With his zest for life, Wildgust is likely to dance his way to his 80s!” Check out the article here. We hope it puts a smile on your face today.

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