Access to Affordable, Accessible Housing Is Challenging

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Photo of a wheelchair user sitting in front of an accessible sink while opening the dishwasher.

The lack of affordable, accessible housing leads many to reside in a more segregated setting. Photo credit:

Access to affordable housing is a problem for so many.  Area housing markets continue to skyrocket as property values rise without an end in sight.  Without access to affordable housing, many people are left to settle into lower income housing.  Keep in mind that many of the units in this category are not accessible.  Segregation in housing is occurring in other ways.  Accessible housing that is affordable does not exist in most markets.  New construction that is accessible is expensive, and most who need accessible housing are low income earners or elderly.  So what happens?  Segregated housing is often the only option.  Check out this article on Disability Scoop regarding  the need for accessible housing here.

Independent living

Affordable accessible housing can do so much for the independently living movement. When we talk about breaking down barriers, this is it.  Eliminating the stigma of accessible housing by being inclusive with the rest of the community should be the ultimate goal. Check out this article on NEXT 50.  It brings up some good points about housing and why access to it is so important for the independent living movement.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their life as independent as possible. If you have concerns about accessibility in your home contact us here. Or call us Toll Free at 1-800-450-0459 to speak with our accessibility expert pictured below.

Jerry from Freedom holding a chalkboard that says access on it.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to to independent living.

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