Park between the lines, not on them.

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Car parked in access aisle makes getting in and out an impossible task

A car parked in an access aisle

Sometimes you may find yourself looking for an open spot in a crowded lot and notice that next to an accessible space there is a opening. You quickly pull your car in, relieved to find a spot so close to the building on this cold day. You go into the store and do your shopping feeling lucky. Now imagine that roles are reversed. You have waited nearly 24 hours since it has last snowed. The sidewalk is still covered in snow and you are not able to get your wheelchair to your van. Your property management group finally removes the snow, allowing you to gain access to your van. You drive to the store to get some things and after some circling you find an accessible parking space with a much needed access aisle. You finally get out of your vehicle and into the store.  After a long wait in line you return to your van and notice that somebody has parked in the access aisle, blocking you from getting into your van. You are stuck waiting again. Access aisles are marked with diagonal lines indicating that parking is not allowed in this space. Since we live where snow occasionally covers everything, lines may not be visible. This does not mean we get to make up new parking regulations. Click here to see how access aisles work.  Parking in access aisles can cause more than a minor inconvenience. Click here to see how one family was affected by somebody parking in the access aisle.

A child was unable to get back into his parents van after a doctor appointment because of somebody parking in the access aisle

Photo credit Shanna Logue Mondy

Walking a bit further to the door is a minor inconvenience and that is stretching it. Please, next time you are looking for a parking spot, be observant. Look for lines, and when the lines are not visible look for signs. This problem is not new as we did a piece on it 3 years ago and it is still an issue. To See this story click here.


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