Adaptive technology. Improving life since 1600

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A WWI veteran shown with artificial arm that was converted into a hammer so he could continue to work and provide for his family after losing his hand and forearm in the war.
15th July 1942: Captain Maxwell uses his artificial arm to hammer in a nail. The arm was supplied by the Ministry of Pensions for service and civilian war casualties. (Photo by Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

There is no one single event that can be called the discovery of adaptive technology. We can safely assume that it was a long time ago. Humans have a gift of being able to adapt to situations or circumstances. Sometimes the benefit gained is life changing. Just watch as a child who was born without auditory nerves hears his dad’s voice for the first time here.

Also important, we use adaptive technology to make our lives easier. Imagine that same innovation making life possible. For example, we have the ability to help someone who has lost their legs regain the ability to run marathons.

We have the ability to break barriers

We all have the ability to make life better for ourselves and others. For instance, being nice costs nothing. We talked about how being positive can improve life for those around us in an article I feel is worth sharing again right here.

We can adapt and be the positive change that we want from others. In fact, we are adaptive technology. Lets help to make new people feel welcome, servers feel appreciated, and listen to the needs of others. Even if we can’t stand on our own two feet, we can adapt.

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