Aviation Disaster Drill

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Three first responders hover over a crash victim during an aviation disaster training drill. The victim in this scenario is using a communication board to communicate as she is non-verbal. A Jamestown area ambulance sits in the background of the scene. Photo credit: Beth Dewald

The Jamestown Regional Airport recently hosted an Aviation Disaster Drill. First responders were tasked with helping victims who were non-verbal, non-ambulatory, as well as hearing impaired. Photo credit: Beth Dewald

The Jamestown Regional Airport recently had a disaster drill that involved the Jamestown Police Dept, Ambulance, Fire Dept, Hospital, Stutsman County Emergency management, and Freedom Resource Center.

In the drill Freedom Resource Center recruited 19 volunteers to act as victims.  Victims had makeup simulating various types of injuries from minor cuts to abdominal injuries and burns.  Within the mix of volunteers where five individuals with disabilities.  Michelle from the Ann Carlson Center portrayed an individual with Autism that used a communication book to help communicate as pictured.  There were also individuals that were deaf, a visually impaired, traumatic brain injury and unable to walk.  The emergency responders and the Jamestown Regional Medical Center were challenged with multiple injuries, fatalities and communicating with people with disabilities.  All agencies did an excellent job providing care and accessing needs and abilities.

This exercise was also a great way for individuals with disabilities to prepare for and communicate in the event they are involved in a disaster of any kind.  Our environment may be disrupted, services not available such as signing interpreter.

We are proud to have one of our Freedom Resource Center advocates Beth Dewald take part in this training, helping first responders to quickly respond to victims with special needs.  Check out the story from Newsdakota.com.

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