Avoid Being Scammed By Call Spoofing*Update

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Picture of a corded phone hanging off the hook in-front of a blue wall that has the word Scam in red letters written on it.

Phone Spoofing is becoming a big problem for many of us. Photo credit: Scarsdale10583.com

**Update: There may be relief coming from robocalls. Check out this story.

Just think if you received a call and prior to answering it, you look at the caller ID and realize it is someone you know.  If you were not busy you would likely answer it, right?  However; after saying hello you find out it is not someone you know, but an automated recording.  This is annoying to say the least.  Unfortunately for so many, it is much worse. Last year alone, the Federal Trade Commission collected 1.4 MILLION reports of fraud and 25% of those resulting in people losing money to scams.  Just check out this Consumer Information on the FTC. We all could use a little reminder when it comes to using caution when picking up the phone.  Check out this page from the Federal Communications Commission.  It has some good information about call spoofing as well as a video with optional captions.  If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a relative needing money, exercise caution.  This is just one of the angles that the scammers use to take advantage of the vulnerable population.

Irina from Freedom holding up a chalk board with the word 'Invaluable' on it.

A little information can be invaluable. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center


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