Be Active in Enjoying Summer

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A photo of a wheelchair user crossing a trail bridge next to a bike riding companion.

There are accessible trails and paths that allow safe access to nature. Photo Credit: Athens Bike and Brew

It’s finally here! Summer weather is heating up, again making it bearable to go outside. There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy your community during the summer months without getting burned by expensive travel expenses.  There are bike paths and trails that are wheelchair accessible and motorized wheelchairs are allowed on.  Here is a link for wheelchair accessible trails by state.  Bring a camera or camera phone to capture shots of wildlife and the nature around you.  Remember how long winter lasted? So now it is gone and summer is here.

Pam from Freedom Resource Center holding up a chalk board that reads 'Independence'.

Having the ability to enjoy your environment independently is something that Freedom Resource Center is all about. Just ask Pam.

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