Be social, it’s good for you

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People, young and old come together for a hot meal.

People come together to serve a hot meal to the community. Photo credit:

Maybe you enjoy playing bingo, or going out to eat.  Perhaps you go to church followed by a light lunch at a local restaurant.  You might go to the movies or attend a craft show.  This may not sound physically active, but it is, and it is good for you!  Getting out into your community provides you with face to face interactions which are great for your health.

Socializing with others keeps your mind busy so you do not have time to obsessively think about one thing. It gets you away from your television or smartphone.  Don’t get me wrong, smart phones are great.  They allow us to connect with limitless information and groups of people while at the same time enabling us to stay isolated from the world right outside our door.  And just because you are not going with a group of friends does not mean you will not enjoy yourself.

An elderly woman sits down with a young man at a McDonalds and the two eat breakfast together. The two share in conversation even though they are complete strangers

Two strangers enjoy breakfast together. Photo Credit: Amanda Craft

Maybe you heard about this story.  An older woman approaches a young man who is eating alone and asks if she can join him. Despite being complete strangers and having a significant age gap, the two engage in conversation for almost an hour!  The two even exchanged numbers so that they could go out to eat again. So you see, it doesn’t matter how old you are, or if you are going it alone. When you get out into your community, good things can happen.  Healthy things. If you still feel that you would rather stay isolated in your home you should read this.  If you agree that being social is good for you and would enjoy a home cooked meal in a social environment click here. We would love to hear what you enjoy about your community, tell us here.

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