Candidates’ Mum Regarding Disability Rights

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Group of democratic candidates standing on the debate stage. Not one mentioned disability rights during the debates.

Not one mention of disability rights for 20 candidates over two debates. Sadly, this is nothing new. Photo credit: New York Times

This is nothing new. Two nights of debates and all candidates’ mum regarding disability rights.  It is estimated that there are 48.9 million people living in the United States who have a disability.  Despite this fact, people with disabilities continue to be overlooked by candidates running for president. In fact, not one of the presidential candidates has a fully accessible website for those with disabilities. covers each candidates’ level of website accessibility in a story and I want to share that with you here.  Also, check out this story on Rewire.News.

Targeted for Cuts

What is more troubling, the current regime aims to make over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS worth of cuts to programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security in 2020.   Currently,  congress is dragging their feet in passing the Disability Integration Act, making one wonder why it is such a battle to get equal rights for people with disabilities.

Not without a voice

Since the 1970’s, the group ADAPT has used it’s national reach to coordinate activists to fight for disability rights using non-violent means.  They are not alone.  So why is it such a battle?  It is a question worth asking current representatives as well as all candidates running for political office.

A photo of a steep staircase with a failed attempt of a wheelchair ramp going up next to the stairs. The ramp is so steep that it is nearly straight up and at the top of the ramp the words 'disability rights' appear as if unattainable.

Accessibility should never be out of reach. Photo credit:

Leigh from Freedom Resource Center holds up a chalk board with the word 'Advocacy' written on it.

We will always advocate for equal rights. Freedom Resource Center.

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