Child’s Desk Placed in Unused Bathroom

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Lucas Goodwin looks into the mirror in the restroom while standing in-front of his desk.

Children should not have to learn in environments like this. Not here. Photo credit: Danielle

A school in Bellingham Washington recently came under fire for placing an autistic child’s desk into an unused restroom so that he could have a quiet place to learn.  Let’s just start by acknowledging that this is not the most ideal of environments to learn in.  Unfortunately, for so many schools around the country, lack of funding and resources leave them ill-equipped to succeed.  We talked about education budgets before and I will share it again with you here.  When states are unwilling to raise taxes for education and the federal government doesn’t come close to paying their share, many students will struggle to reach their potential.  In a story by Valley News Live, Minnesota State Rep. John Huot was quoted saying “It’s time to go after the federal government. We have to start a lawsuit. It’s hurting our state.” These comments coming after Crookston Public Schools was faced with pulling $1,000,000 from its general education fund to pay for it’s special education program. It’s still a thing.  Teachers in the Fargo area are working without a contract.  Without increased priorities placed on education, we will continue to see children fall behind and talented educators vanish.

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