Christmas Lights Inspire Non Verbal Teen to Speak

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Photo of a house lit up with massive amount of Christmas lights and yard decorations. Photo credit: Pintrest

Christmas lights inspire feelings of joy, and for some they do so much more. Photo credit:








During the holidays, a favorite pastime for many involves touring the local neighborhoods to see all the Christmas lights.  Christmas lights inspire feelings of joy, and for one non-verbal teen, they did so much more.  Check out this story on Today.  Anything is possible with a little inspiration.  This is why Freedom Resource Center feels so strongly about peer mentors.  Peer mentors help promote personal growth by sharing personal experiences and thoughts that can make all the difference for someone facing barriers due to their disability.  Peer mentors can help someone reach their goals and achieve a heightened level of independence by listening to concerns and by being there when no one else can be. For more information on how a peer mentor can help improve your quality of life please visit or call 1-800-478-0459.

Irina from Freedom holding up a chalk board with the word 'Invaluable' on it.

“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could, because someone else thought they could.”          -Unknown  Freedom Resource Center.


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