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View looking out an airplane window while in flight.

Airlines are finally holding themselves accountable for damaging passenger wheelchairs in flight. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Flying is a great way to travel, it is safe, fast and if you are lucky and get a window seat, you get a view.  If you use a wheelchair, you may disagree with everything I just mentioned. Wheelchairs are stored below in the baggage hold and often times they are mishandled or damaged by careless baggage handlers.

Just imagine getting to your destination only to find your wheelchair was broken, or not even on the same plane.  We shared a story about this happening and the man had to drag himself through the airport because his wheelchair was lost here.  I have also heard of people’s wheelchairs being completely destroyed.

Despite all of this, you can fly with a bit of added confidence. Airlines now have to track data regarding lost or damaged wheelchairs and make the results available for the public. Read about how this came to be on the Mighty right here.  So, if you use a wheelchair and want to know what airline is least likely to damage or lose your wheelchair, this could help you to avoid potential travel disaster.  According to, there are over 6.8 million people in the U.S. alone that use some kind of mobility device. That is large market segment, finally holding airlines accountable.

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