Communication Can Conquer All

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A sticky note that reads 'Have a good day! Remember, we love you'
Communication can be simple, but it’s result is invaluable.

We have all encountered barriers in our lives. Barriers to communication exist, but in many cases, can be conquered. Communicating with my 7 year-old can be challenging because she doesn’t want to tell me about disputes that her and her friends have. My solution was to give her a pack of sticky notes. She could write us messages about issues that she didn’t feel comfortable talking about. Not only does this allow her to communicate with us without pressure, it gives us added awareness of the drama that a second grader can face.

Entire Community Learns Sign Language

Community members gather around a 2 year old who is deaf in Massachusetts to read stories and talk about them with her. The entire community is learning sign language to talk with her.
The entire community started learning sign language so they could talk to Samantha. Photo credit: CBS

Sign language is a powerful tool that parents rarely use. But early on, sign language is the first language many babies learn. Check out this story about a community in Newton, Massachusetts here. The entire community came together to learn sign language so that they could talk to one of the newest residents. Being able to communicate with those around you should never be taken for granted. If you or someone you know is interested in learning sign language check out this link. Here is another resource that could help communicate using sign language. If you are aware of other resources to help others learn sign language, please share with us here.

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