Cost of Special Education Programs Force Budget Cuts

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Children hold signs that read 'Invest in my future, and stop the cuts.'

A rally against education cuts in Arizona in 2015. Photo credit: The Arizona Republic

This shouldn’t surprise anyone.  It should upset everyone.  The cost of Special Education programs are rising faster than a river in the spring.  Children with disabilities from birth to age 21 have the right to a free and appropriate education per Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) which is a federal law.  However; federal funding is way behind and states are unable to keep up.  We talked about the education funding crisis back in 2017 and it is still a thing.

Cheaper ‘alternative’ services

In some California school districts, special education programs are either discontinued or forced to offer a cheaper alternative, with often times terrible results. Check out this article on Disability Scoop.  You are familiar with the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. Listen to how two teaching assistants spoke to children with disabilities in West Virginia here.  This should never happen to a child!

Cuts felt close to home

In Crookston, MN. public schools had to make nearly half a million dollars in budget reductions to pay for rising cost of special education programs. Read that story from Valley News Live here.

Futures cheated

Why is this still a thing? What is so important to us that we can’t pay an extra $20, $40, $100 extra a year for taxes to make sure children can have a proper education? We are expected to fund new stadiums for sports teams whose billionaire owners pay no taxes, but when it comes to children’s education nobody wants to pay. It needs to change.



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