Court: Domino’s must make Website and mobile app accessible to people who are blind.

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Guillermo Robles; who is blind; uses screen-reading software to access the internet. This vocalizes websites’ visual information for users; but when trying to change his toppings while ordering pizza, he was unable to complete his order.

Mr. Robles filed suit against Domino’s in U.S. District Court in Ann Arbor in September of 2016, charging violation of the ADA and state law after he was allegedly unsuccessful in ordering a pizza online because the company had not designed its website and apps software so he could read them.
Its website and mobile app didn’t work with screen-reading software. Domino’s also offered online-only discounts, which Robles said were off-limits for him. Robles claimed Domino’s violated the Americans With Disabilities Act and should make its online presence compatible with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – private industry standards that have been widely adopted by federal agencies.

The district court dismissed the case, stating it agreed with Domino’s that applying the ADA to the company violated its due process rights because the DOJ had not issued helpful guidance on the issue, despite stating it would do so in 2010.

A unanimous three-judge appeals court panel disagreed. “As a preliminary matter, we hold that Domino’s has received fair notice that is website and app must comply with the ADA,” said the ruling.

We talk about inclusion and the ADA often. Businesses are aware of the ADA, but accessibility issues keep popping up. We talked about this nearly 5 years ago in a post that I feel is worth sharing here.

We also want to point out that some things are going the right way, but more needs to be done.

Sources: Business Insurance; Courthouse News

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