Crumbling Infrastructure

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Sections of concrete from overhead bridge collapse onto the highway below.

One person was injured after a concrete railing section fell from a bridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Monday, shutting down two interstate ramps at one of the busiest intersections in the country. CNN.COM

Infrastructure needs routine maintenance as it ages. Much like people, structures weaken over time and need repairs. Bridges are critical in providing access over waterways and highways. We count on them to get from one place to another. But what if you were in a wheelchair and needed access to a building and this was your way in?

As you can see in the photo, the grade is far too steep and there are no hand rails. Photo credit: ADA.GOV

New construction occasionally ignores certain guidelines

As you can imagine, new construction is popping up all the time. Occasionally, there are design flaws that do not follow the ADA or building code for accessibility. In case you were wondering, the building code has more guidelines than the ADA. Despite this, in some cases, a design will go through architects, engineers, builders and inspectors but still miss on both. So are these guidelines simply overlooked or ignored?

Why is this still a thing?

A push button for accessibility placed in the least accessible location, between two doors that open toward each other.
The Sanford Health Athletic Complex opened in 2016 and the button to operate the power door does not follow the ADA or the International Building Codes for accessibility.

Safe access for all

I wish I had an answer for why this continues to happen. It shouldn’t take a bridge falling on people to draw attention to our nation’s crumbling bridges. Likewise, it should not take someone getting excluded from an event or business because of accessibility shortfalls.

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