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A snow covered, icy sidewalk leads to a dangerous cross slope at the driveway of an apartment complex.
As you can see in the oval, there is obvious snow and ice on the sidewalk and in the bottom you see a cross slope of 14.2%. The maximum cross slope allowed by the ADA is 2%. Photo Credit: Jerry Christiansen

Why are we always talking about sidewalks? Well, one thing I want to point out is that the sidewalk is only leading us to my next point. Dangerous cross slopes can make it difficult for someone in a wheelchair or someone on crutches to navigate without losing one’s balance or rolling out into traffic. This particular cross slope measured to be a 14.2% slope, when the maximum allowed by the ADA is 2%.

Why is this important?

For someone in a manual wheelchair, they would have to have the hand on the higher side pulling the wheel backwards, and the hand on the lower side pushing forward so as not to roll into the busy street. Somebody on crutches would have to have one crutch, far too low and the other would be too tall for them to use. A person using a cane will have similar difficulties when crossing.

The image below shows an slope of 14% and how much someone in a wheelchair would be leaning toward a busy street.

Image of an office chair propped up with blocks to simulate a 14% slope.
What a chair looks like on a 14% slope.

The photo below demonstrates a 2% slope, which is ADA compliant.

An image of a chair propped up to simulate a 2% slope.
What a chair looks like on a 2% slope.

As far as snow and ice covering the sidewalk, we have covered this before. In this particular photo, the snow and ice that is covering the sidewalk is more than 5 days old. Why does that matter you ask? Click here to see a review of snow removal guidelines we covered 2 years back. Snow and ice covered sidewalks affect everyone. Just watch this video. Do you know of a dangerous section of sidewalk in your daily commute? We would love to hear about it here.

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