David Vs. Goliath…Battle for Inclusion

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Wal-Mart greeter Jay Melton sits in his wheelchair in the front of a Wal-Mart store
Jay Melton, a Wal-Mart Greeter for nearly 17 years was recently told his position was being eliminated. He was offered a position that consisted of physical requirements that he could not meet with cerebral palsy. Photo credit: Thepetitionsite.com

Inclusion and equality are two things we mention quite often and for good reason. For Jay Melton, and so many others with disabilities, finding employment means much more than just earning some money. Equally important is belonging to something. Inclusion is a powerful thing. Working and being a part of something larger than yourself not only creates feelings of pride, but also provides a social benefit many overlook.

Earlier this month, Wal-Mart notified Jay and other greeters that their position was being eliminated from their stores. Wal-Mart offered other positions within the store; many of which required the ability walk, or carry 25 pounds. Disability Scoop shared insight from one of the greeters affected here.

Advocates Speak Out

Petitions like this one gained thousands of signatures overnight putting pressure on the retail giant to provide realistic accommodations. Photo credit: Care2Petitions

Almost overnight, petitions gained thousands of signatures of advocates ready to battle for inclusion. After heavy news coverage and thousands of signatures collected, Wal-Mart released a statement saying that they are exploring ‘potential accommodations’ for those affected. Furthermore, Jay Melton was offered a position as a Self Checkout Host. Click here to read Wal-Mart’s reaction to the outpouring of support for Jay and so many others, leading to them reconsider their stance.

No matter how small you feel, you are never too small to battle for inclusion.

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