Drinking Industrial Bleach Pushed As Miracle Treatment

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Photo of chemical bottles and an equal sign points to a bottle labled 'Chlorine Dioxide Powerful Bleaching Agent'. Photo credit: FDA

Miracle Mineral Solution, aka Industrial Bleach is not a cure for autism warns FDA. Photo Credit: FDA

So there is this group that calls themselves Genesis II Church of Health & Healing who are pushing the notion that drinking Miracle Mineral Solution can cure autism, cancer, aids, and other conditions.  First off, autism cannot be grouped with disease.  It is not a plague that needs eradication.   It needs understanding.  Also, please understand that Miracle Mineral Solution is essentially industrial strength bleach.   Yes, feeding children with autism industrial bleach is still a thing.  Kerri Rivera in particular, advocates diluting MMS and having children with autism drink it to ‘treat’ autism.  She went as far as publishing a book called ‘Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism‘. The book, which was banned from Amazon uses fear and misinformation to sell nonsense.  Sound familiar?  There are dozens of private Facebook groups for parents of autistic children.  Many of whom feed off misinformation like hungry wolves.  Even worse, most believe that vaccines, even the moon causes autism. Check out this story from NBC News.

Fight Fear and Misinformation

Melissa Eaton and Amanda Seigler are taking the fight against these groups by infiltrating the groups and reporting them to Child Protective Services.  Both are mothers of autistic children; both are fighting to save vulnerable children from being poisoned by their own parents.  Facebook removes these groups, but others quickly form.  Pushing this bleach remedy has life-threatening consequences. Check out this story on Disability Scoop.  It is really unfortunate that people feel that autism is something to compare with cancer or HIV.  It’s not a disease or a burden.  It is just a part of somebody that makes them different.  For more information on autism please go to The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke fact sheet.

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Reliable, credible resources are invaluable. Freedom Resource Center.

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