Equine Therapy

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Volunteers from Bison Strides program assist with therapy for those with special needs. Volunteers are seen in the picture walking along side a horse while a rider participates in equine therapy.

Bison Strides offer Equine therapy to those those who have physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. Photo credit: Farm Forum

Equine therapy is something that has left the gates long ago.  The physical benefits of riding a horse can be found in ancient Greek writings by Hippocrates as early as 460 BC.  It didn’t take long for people to discover the mental and physical benefits of riding a horse.  Horses are very powerful, intuitive animals and also one of man’s earliest companions.  Recently, Disability Scoop shed some light on an equine therapy program in Michigan. Check out that story right here. It just shows you how powerful riding a horse can be for someone.  Luckily, right here in Fargo, NDSU’s Equine Science program also known as Bison Strides, provides equine therapy.   Partnered with Beyond Boundaries, Bison Strides offers two six week sessions in the fall and one session in the summer that just concluded.  The first Fall session starts September 9th and runs until October 15th. The second Fall session starts October 21st and runs until November 26th. The deadline to register is August 15th.  Most important, anyone can benefit from being around horses. Bison Strides also looks for volunteers to assist with the equine therapy program.

For more information about Bison Strides, registration or volunteer opportunities,
please e-mail ndsu.bisonstrides@ndsu.edu or call 701-231-9611.


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