Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult to be beneficial

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Overindulging can leave you feeling exhausted and unmotivated. Getting back to healthy habits can get you much needed stamina to get through the day.

After consuming way too much food last week I find myself less motivated to do much of anything. Unfortunately, life does not take a break and the holiday season is just getting started. Finding ways to exercise during my downtime helps me to feel energized and healthy. I know that it is the Monday after Thanksgiving and many of you do not want to think about exercising. Trust me on this, I need to trick myself into exercising. Every since I broke my ankle 4 years ago I have had to stretch daily to maintain mobility. Stretching has many benefits regardless of your level of mobility.  When mobility is limited, regular exercise and stretching can help to maintain range of motion, increase energy levels and reduce stress. Here are some exercise tips for all levels of mobility. 

How do you stay active during the holidays?

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