Faking a disability to cut the line at the airport?

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A woman jumps into the air from a wheelchair after passing through airport security checkpoint.

Photo credit: Amvans.com

Maybe you have noticed this before. Someone in a wheelchair is pushed to the front of the line at an airport security checkpoint. Upon getting through security, the person jumps up and races for the gate. Were they faking a disability to get wheelchair assistance and cut the line, or do they have a condition that they can only walk short distances?  ‘Miracles’ are what the airport staff call them. Many believe that it is just a matter of selfish, ‘me first’ behavior. Others feel that it is rather a touchy subject. I know people on the other end of this and have had to wait and wait for a wheelchair, that they genuinely needed because all were being used.

Take a look at this issue as it was in 2013 here. Someone who needs assistance should never have to feel as if they are taking advantage of a service.  One the other hand, people who do not need help, but request it anyways should be ashamed.  Being disabled is not a choice.  In most cases, there can be an explanation as to why someone would need assistance when departing rather than during their arrival. See how one journalist sees it as a non-issue here.

I honestly hope that people will never have to ‘prove’ their disability to get services they need when traveling. I also feel that those who need a little extra help should not have to be subjected to judgement like this.

Travelling is supposed help us to feel free to roam, without boundaries or judgement, not to inhibit us.

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