First Data Released by DOT on Wheelchair Damage by Airlines

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Airlines are now required to disclose the amount of wheelchairs damaged.

So airlines are now required to track all damage to wheelchairs incurred during transport. For several years now airlines would simply deny that they had anything to do with what happened to your wheelchair while it was in the baggage hold. You would likely end up at your destination and your wheelchair would be like the photo above. We’ve been here before, its still a thing. Before you see the numbers, I want to share a relevant story with you again in case you missed it right here.

Are airlines’ data credible?

Airlines keep track of data like they keep track of luggage. Furthermore, this is not solving the problem, as this is still a thing. If you go off the data provided for the first release, it appears that it is not a problem. But keep in mind, there is nothing to compare the numbers to, and in the report it is mentioned that despite having more than a year to prepare for this release, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines were not keeping track of the amount of wheelchairs and scooters handled. To view data on damage to wheelchairs and scooters click here.

Can damage be avoided?

The odds are in your favor that you will be able to travel without having anything happen to your wheelchair or scooter; however; you should take some precautions when travelling. Check out this article from

My wheelchair was damaged. What now?

If your wheelchair was damaged by an airline while traveling, or you plan on travelling soon there are some things that you should know. Here is another great resource from on this. If you or someone you know had a wheelchair or scooter damaged or lost by an airline we would love to hear about it by visiting us here or by commenting below.

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