Five Reasons to Volunteer Filling Sandbags

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Volunteers fill sandbags Tuesday at one of 12 stations on a machine the city of Fargo uses to speed-fill sandbags. The machine, called a spider, fills 12 sandbags every six seconds and about 100 volunteers are needed to keep each machine working at full speed. Dan Gunderson | MPR News

With snow melting at a rapid pace, communities all along the Red River Valley are preparing to fight spring flooding. The biggest need right now is for volunteers to fill sandbags. Volunteers come in all ages and abilities. If you are in a wheelchair and wondering what you can do to help, Sandbag central in Fargo features two sides to the operation. One side is slower-paced, and the other is faster moving. Volunteering has too many benefits to list, so here’s our top 5.

1. Accessibility

We all know how the snow on the sidewalks made it hard if not impossible to get around. We talked about this very issue earlier this month here. Sandbag Central is wheelchair accessible, making it possible for people with ranging abilities to dig in and help out.

2. Fight floods and loneliness

After being stuck indoors for much of the winter it is healthy to get out and interact with people. We talked about the benefits of being social and it’s relevant to bring up again here. At Sandbag Central you will be surrounded by people who care about the community and those in it. You will not find a better group of people anywhere in town, and who knows, you might meet the love of your life there.

3. Exercise

Filling sandbags is a great workout. Exercise can help to reduce stress and anxiety. We shared a story about exercise for all ranges of motion and it’s benefits here. It is warmer than shoveling snow and furthermore, it’s never too late to start sculpting that beach body!

4. Community

Being a part of the community in which we live is important. We talk about inclusion often. At Sandbag Central not only will you get to volunteer with some awesome people from our community, you will likely meet some good people from other parts of the world. Check out this story about people from as far as Winnipeg coming to help out here.

5. Give back

Giving back is important not only for the community, but for us! Giving just feels better. If you don’t believe me just read this article. Sandbag Central is located at 2301 8th Ave. N Fargo, ND. For more information on how you can help call 701-476-4000.

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