Freedom Friday: Our trauma does not define us.

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“Tragedy changes our brain and our everyday functioning. Life altering events create a disconnect with everyone and everything. States of hyper-vigilance and numbness can cycle. Triggers can set off reactivity. Your spiritual life can suffer. Trauma can make you feel detached, irritable, anxious and highly reactive in a myriad of ways. It re-wires the brain in an attempt to protect you but it can actually harm you more.

Traumas highjack our sense of well-being and true purpose. You may have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Acute Stress Disorder. The good news is you have neuro-plasticity, which means your brain can recover and be restored. You can live well again or maybe for the first time.”

Inspiring words for someone who has been struggling with the effects of trauma; in fact, I would assume I’d be safe to say that all of us have experienced some level of trauma in our lives that we could all use a little rewiring.

I didn’t choose to share this article because of the program it offers but because of the profound statement that we can improve the quality of our lives even after trauma; there is room for light.woman laying in the grass and sunshine with her arm resting on her forehead

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