From Braille to biking in mountains, Celebrating World Braille Day

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Birthday cake with the words Happy Birthday dotted in braille with candy sprinkles

Braille was introduced in the early 1800’s. Photo

Think of a time when you have been in total darkness.  Now imagine that your vision is reduced to just that, darkness. How would you read, write, make your dinner, or find the restroom?  For so many people, this is reality. Fortunately, a man named Louis Braille who lost his vision as a child developed a language  universally recognized called braille.  Today is  World Braille Day, when we celebrate Louis Braille’s life and accomplishments. This simple, yet life changing alphabet enabled those with vision impairments to learn how to read and write.  Since the 1800’s, you could say that things are much different for those with vision impairments. Technology can now help people who are blind to navigate complex buildings, find a restaurant or even write a blog!  I recently discussed the navigation app for people who are blind called NavCog, to read it click here.  We also covered kitchen tools for people who are blind right here.

Service animals can also assist someone to get around safely while providing comfort and assurance.

Technology has evolved in leaps and bounds since the 1800’s. One thing that has not changed is the human spirit. The human spirit is a candle that is still burning bright for the masses and cannot be dimmed.  Just watch this video.

World Braille day is about raising awareness.  So today, do something that opens your eyes by closing them.

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