Fulfilling Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Proving Difficult With Labor Shortage

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Macie McCarty stands outside Hornbacher's grocery store in Fargo wearing her uniform and a big smile. Photo credit: Create Internships Vocational Training Center

Transition programs that help  teach work skills prior to finishing school need help to continue providing the supports needed to find and maintain meaningful employment. Macie McCartiny at her job. Photo credit: Create Internships Vocational Training Center.














The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) intent is to improve the public workforce system.  By ensuring people with disabilities have an informed choice and the opportunity to pursue Competitive, Integrated Employment, the legislation looked to build bridges to employment.  A healthy collaboration of agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Service providers, head-start programs, parents and employers is a requirement for success.  The current labor shortage is turning what was once a door to opportunity into a waiting room.  A combination of COVID Restrictions and labor shortages resulted in many entry-level jobs being put on hold.  While restaurants are re-opening their lobbies with restrictions being lifted, the labor shortage for agencies who provide vocational supports are leaving them unable to meet demand.  People with disabilities want to work.   It is important to keep in mind, jobs provide much more that financial gains.  Jobs provide bridges to community events and provide opportunities for making new friends and meeting new people.  Social Capital is desperately needed to ensure that new bridges into the community can continue to be built and maintained.  At Freedom Resource Center we believe there is no greater reward than helping someone to realize their goals.

For information on how to remove barriers to independence or employment for yourself or someone you know please call Freedom Resource Center at 1-800-478-0459.

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