Giving Back

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Two hands cup a small sapling, roots are still surrounded by a bulb of soil.

Sometimes we can get so busy with our lives that we forget about others. We live in communities with diverse demographics. The rich, and the poor. The young, and the old. For communities to thrive, everyone needs to be conscious of the needs of others, and be willing to give back. The strength of a community depends on this ability to give back. Giving is contagious. Spreading goodwill to your community does not stop there, it spreads beyond borders. Giving back also has the power to influence future generations. Read about how giving back influenced my 7 year-old to do the same here.

I was recently waiting for my breakfast sandwich at a local McDonald’s restaurant when a man paying for his food turned to me and asked “do you have 2 cents you could spare?” I obliged and grabbed my food. The look on this man’s face made my week. An older gentleman waiting in line nodded his head to me and smiled as I walked past. It was only 2 cents, but my gratefulness could not be measured. That 2 cents may have influenced multiple people that day.

It doesn’t take much to give back. You will feel good about helping out, and the generosity will spread beyond borders. Time Magazine did a story on the Secret to Happiness and I feel that it is worth sharing with you here. You can see people who are impacted by generosity every day in your community. Dentists who routinely accept Medicaid patients to ensure that everyone has the ability to enjoy their smile. Non-profit agencies that promote independent living so that everyone has an opportunity to truly be a part of the community in which they live. People helping out people.

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