Giving Hearts Day

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Marie from Freedom Resource Center holding a chalk board with the word Choices on it.
Marie: When people have resources they can make informed choices regarding programs and supports, increasing their independence.
Travis from Freedom Resource Center holds a chalk board with the word Growth on it.
Travis: When people live independently in their community, it results in economic growth in the community as well as increased social capital.
Irina from Freedom Resource Center holds a chalk board with the word Invaluable on it.
Irina: Having the ability to ensure that all people with disabilities have a voice and a choice is invaluable to us.

Freedom Resource Center has been helping people with disabilities live more independently for 30 years. During that stretch we’ve helped countless individuals and families to overcome barriers.

By providing resources and information, we can ensure that people can make informed choices regarding their lives. Having independence and choices are invaluable to our communities and those within them. Growth is only possible when there is a voice and a choice.

Please join us in supporting someone to live more independent in your community

This Valentine’s Day Go to to be a Champion of Disability Rights with

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