Helping Others Break Down Barriers To Independence

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Richard Ovind telling his story. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center

Richard Ovind shares why peer mentors are so valuable to independence. Photo credit: Freedom Resource Center








For people with disabilities, life can be an obstacle course.  Getting through it requires knowledge of what to do when your path to independence is blocked.  This is why Freedom Resource Center feels so strongly about the need for peer mentors.  Peer mentors volunteer their time and knowledge so that those with a disability can get through barriers to independence.  Richard Ovind has spina bifida and works full time but still makes time to give back to his community.  Since 2016, Richard has been volunteering his spare time to mentoring.  We are so fortunate to have mentors like Richard.  But even with valuable help from mentors, we need vital support from our communities.

Please consider donating to Freedom Resource Center on Giving Hearts Day, February 13th 2020. Go to on February 13th, or call 1-800-450-0459. Your donation will strengthen our Peer Mentor program and allow someone to see what they are capable of achieving.

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