Hey, Teacher, leave those kids alone!

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A teacher drags a child down a hallway by his wrist.
An all too familiar scene. Photo Credit:Metro.co.uk

This continues to happen. Children are being dragged through the hallways and assaulted by teachers at an alarming rate. Most recently, in Fargo a mother accused a teacher of punching and kicking her son who has special needs. Read the story as it broke here. Also in Fargo; last year, a child was handcuffed and bloodied in an incident that was caught on video. See the disturbing video here. Another child with autism was dragged by his teacher and a school nurse while his service dog walked along; helpless. See what happened in a video from NBC news here.

What is more unsettling, guidance that was aimed at ensuring that students with disabilities and minorities weren’t unfairly disciplined was rescinded. To read more about what that means for students with disabilities click here. In regards to unfair discipline, check out this story about a teacher making an 8 year-old boy urinate in a trash can in-front of the class here. Why would anyone do this to a child?

Schools have limited resources

I brought up excessive force and restraint being used in schools in an article that is worth sharing again here. What we know so far is that schools are underfunded and unprepared when it comes to dealing with students with special needs. There is often little communication between staff regarding the IEP (Individualized Education Program) for students with special needs. Let’s not forget no funding or hours to do it. Teachers would have to get together on their own time, when many of them have families of their own or even second jobs to go to.

Missing the Point

To make matters even worse for students with special needs, a bill just passed the North Dakota House to allow first responders at schools to be armed. Read that story here. In that story notice the choice of color for the lockers. Keep in mind that schools would have the option, and this could save lives, but not likely. The real problem is not being addressed.

Prioritize Education

We need to make education a priority and ensure schools have resources to pay and train staff. A good start would be making teaching a higher priority. Increase wages to attract and retain good teachers. But to do this, education would need more of a boost on the state and federal levels. If children are the future we need to start acting like we care about theirs.

Be Proactive

Check to see if your child’s school is trained in non-violent crisis prevention, in addition you can submit a letter of No Consent regarding physical restraints. Check out this article from Inclusion Revolution here. https://www.inclusionevolution.com/child-needs-no-consent-letter-restraint-seclusion/

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