Hidden Health Benefits of Mint Chip Ice Cream

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Mint Chip ice cream has what some are calling ‘Fountain of Youth’ qualities. Photo credit: Friendlys.com

Bikini season is right around the corner, and if you are like me, you are checking your labels and counting those calories. Unfortunately, every year, so many people overlook a super food that has the potential to change dieting forever. Mint Chip ice cream contains ‘Fountain of Youth’ ingredients that when used in moderation, can help to look and feel years younger.

Mint Chip: Medicine for the soul

The health and beauty benefits of Mint Chip go way beyond refreshing and cooling. Here are my top 5 benefits to eating Mint Chip ice cream:

5. Fight bad breath

Mint Chip is a true hero when it comes to fresh breath. Before any big date or meeting, try a bowl of mint chip ice cream. Trust me, you will be dripping with confidence.

4. Aid in digestion

Mint Chip helps to eliminate gas and relieves feelings of bloating or cramping. Next time you have an upset stomach, try a bowl of Mint Chip ice cream. It is also a potent remedy for relieving symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome.

3. Skin care

Mint Chip helps to cleanse the skin and make wrinkles fade. When we talk about the ‘Fountain of Youth’ this is what we are referring to. Mint Chip contain oils that when consumed, can help sooth skin irritation such as itching and even help to reduce pimples.

2. Reduces fever

Mint Chip is cold, therefore consuming a large bowl of mint chip ice cream will be sure to drop that fever like a bad habit.

1. Reduces stress

If you were not already convinced, mint chip ice cream can also reduce stress. Mint chip helps to relieve stress in muscles by melting away tightness and cramping. Lastly, those who enjoy a good April Fool’s joke, join me by picking up your spoons and dipping into some Mint Chip Miracles.

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