Why Home Healthcare Workers Continue To Vanish

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Woman holds a sign that reads "More than praise we need a raise"
Home Healthcare workers make an average wage of $10 per hour nation wide.

Currently in the United States, the most vulnerable population is struggling to care for themselves or find workers to help them to stay in their homes. Furthermore, the amount of workers in the home healthcare field continue disappear. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for a home healthcare worker in the United States is $10 an hour. Couple this with unpredictable schedule and hours, and you have a position few can accommodate. This is still a thing, and it will get much worse. We mentioned young people being forced into nursing homes due to lack of services last year and I feel that it is relevant to share with you again here.  Check out this story on ND XPLAINS

According to government statistics, Home-care is one of the nation’s fastest growing occupations. An article in Forbes also points out that the population of Americans 85 years old will more than double in the next few decades. Consequently, people in the field are leaving for higher wages and benefits. Most retail and fast food jobs pay more and offer predictable schedules with benefits. Think of it like this; we are willing to pay someone over $6 dollars more per hour to take care of our household pets than we are to look after our aging and disabled. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for a vet technician in the United States is over $16 per hour.

Any relief in sight?

Looking for hope is sometimes all we can do. Photo Credit: 7 Ponds Blog

If you are ever faced with the reality of going to a nursing facility to live, or even to rehab from an injury, we can help. Just check out our article from 2016 regarding Medicaid and costs of having home care and adult day-services Vs. the cost of assisted living. I will leave you with that here.  Also please read this story 

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