I’ll take inclusion, with a large order of dignity

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A man with down syndrome working in an office setting

People with disabilities are capable of more than cleaning or serving you lunch. Photo credit: Evenbreak.com

Right now in the U.S.; there are 50 million Americans who are living with a disability.  That number is so large that employers are starting to notice.  Now more than ever, employers are starting to discover talent. Talent that was right under their noses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; only 29 percent of Americans ages 16 to 64 with a disability were employed as of June 2018.  I can honestly say that this is getting better, and I have seen proof first-hand.  For the last nine years I worked with employers to help them to hire people with disabilities.  I would rather say that I helped the employer, because the people whom I supported wanted to work, possessed the skills and motivation necessary, but were not getting noticed.  I helped to introduce people, build bridges between them, that was it.

Just think of the turn-over that businesses go through.  Now add a labor pool that is motivated, responsible and loyal.  All they ever needed was a chance.  See inclusion as it was 5 years ago here.

We all want to be a part of something.  It gives us a sense of belonging, we are a part of something.  Communities are stronger when everyone has an opportunity to take part. So as a company, a community and a country, we need to ring in the new year with focus on improving our ability to see ability, not disability.

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