Improvements In Assistive Technology Breaking Barriers

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Picture of an enter key on keyboard and the key is green and has the word 'Access' on it rather than enter.

Access to websites, stores, and activities in the community are continuously improving with advances in technology. Photo credit: Virginia Tech

Technology is continuously improving, which not only makes everyday tasks easier with assistive technology, but makes them accessible.  Take GPS for example.  There was a time when GPS was only available inside of your vehicle.  Now GPS is available on our mobile devices for navigating large, indoor environments as well as driving directions.  We covered NavCog in a blog last year and feel it is relevant to share with you again here.

Google introduces accessibility projects

Staying with the trend of making life easier and more accessible, Disability Scoop shared exciting news that Google is working on several projects to improve accessibility. Read that article here.  Not a minute goes by without some gadget making someone’s life easier or more accessible. We have come a long way. We talked about adaptive technology improving lives in February and it is interesting to look back on it now to see how much changes, even in a few months.

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