Inclusion and Diversity

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Pictured are a diverse group of Barbie dolls.  Barbie, in front of the group is featured in a wheelchair.
To celebrate Barbie’s 60th birthday, Mattel is releasing Barbies celebrating inclusion and diversity that feature a range of disabilities. Photo Credit: Mattel

In this day and age, inclusion and diversity are two things that should be commonplace just about everywhere. Unfortunately that is not always the case. A development that may help educate future generations about diversity and inclusion from a young age is picking up steam. Mattel is helping to break down barriers by introducing toys that feature characters with a disability.

When children are young they are so impressionable, to expose them to diversity at a young age and educate them on disabilities can go a long way for inclusion and acceptance. Furthermore, children who are born with disabilities or have parents or siblings with a disability can experience inclusion, even when playing Barbies or defying limits with their Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham inspired Hotwheels wheelchair.

Extreme wheelchair athlete Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham inspired a Hotwheels version of his wheelchair.

I found an article on NPR that talks about toy characters with disabilities going mainstream, check that out here. As a result of companies conscious efforts, children can grow with inclusion and diversity.

Angie from Freedom Resource Center holds a chalk board with the word inclusion written on it.
Angie: When inclusion is valued, the benefits to society are invaluable.

Do you think children would benefit from toys featuring characters with disabilities? We would love to hear your thoughts, reach out to us here.

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