Inclusive Playground Coming Soon

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A motorized wheelchair sits empty as it's owner enjoys being pushed on an adaptive swing by a peer. Photo credit:

Inclusive swings allow for children of all abilities to enjoy the sensory benefits of a swing. Photo credit:







Do you remember the times spent chasing a friend on the playground, or feeling weightless swinging on the swings?  Unfortunately,  so many children do not have these memories because of physical barriers.  Inclusive playgrounds break down these barriers and allow for children of all abilities to play side by side.  We realize that advocating for change takes time, which is why this is such a big deal.  Kids grow up fast, and before you know it, their childhood is behind them.  This month we covered inclusive playgrounds and why they are so important for all communities to have a place where everyone can play together.  West Fargo Park District provided us with a reason to get excited when they shared this.  While we anticipate the completion of this amazing park we can’t help but think of the communities without a place like this.  To advocate for an inclusive playground in your community contact your local parks and recreation department and start the conversation.

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