It’s Like Riding a Bike

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A picture of a 3 wheeled tandem bike with rear-rider steering. Allowing the front rider to enjoy the ride while not having to steer.

Adaptive bikes come in all shapes and sizes. This one, from Freedom Concepts Inc. features rear steering. Photo Credit: Freedom Concepts Inc. (No affiliation with Freedom Resource Center)

I’m sure many of us have heard the saying, ‘It’s Like Riding a Bike’ in our lifetime.  It is supposed to mean that once you learn how, you never really forget.  The thing about riding a bike though, it’s not an experience that everyone has shared.  It is troublesome to think about people never having this opportunity. Riding a bike is not only great exercise, it allows us to get out and enjoy our community parks and recreation events while promoting independent living.

The Great Bike Giveaway

A non-profit company in Michigan called Friendship Circle started something awesome and I wanted to share it with you here. Just seeing how such a small donation can change someone’s life is pretty awesome.  I really wish that every community had something as great as this.  Something as small as a bike can literally change someone’s life!  It makes you rethink what is really important.

Adaptive Bike Rentals In Fargo

As you can imagine, adaptive bike rentals are hard to find and only a handful of cities in the United States currently offer adaptive bike rental programs.  But I am happy to tell you that if you are in the Fargo-Moorhead area, finding an adaptive rental option is easier than you may imagine.  Urban Plains Bike Rentals offers two styles of adaptive bikes; the Dual Trike and the Tandem Scurry.  Both offer options for a sighted rider to steer while the other passenger can enjoy the ride while offering some assistance with pedaling. Lindenwood Rentals located at 1905 Roger Maris Dr. also offers an adaptive rental option of a Tandem Scurry.  It seats up to 4 people!

Twin Cities Adaptive Cycling

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, TCAC offers education and training to fit riders with the appropriate bike.  They have low-cost rentals and even offer opportunities for group rides as they have a fleet of 20 adaptive bikes! To schedule a fitting with TCAC click here.

MoGo Detroit

Detroit Michigan has an adaptive bike rental service called MoGo which was modeled closely from the example of BIKETOWN in Portland.  I am certain that this would be in demand in most communities.  Inclusion should not be limited.


I want to share with you a story from the Chicago Reader. It is a story about what the city of Portland, Oregon did to address the lack of adaptive bike rentals.  I really feel like this should catch on everywhere.  We talk about inclusion all the time.  Sometimes it takes someone in a position of power to be directly affected by an issue before anything will be done.  Sadly, this is true more often than not.  But everyone knows someone. Reach out, advocate.  Call your local bike rental shops and ask when more adaptive options will be available.  A wiser man than me once said ‘supply is driven by demand’. This is always true, so demand adaptive options because everyone should be able to relate to the saying ‘It’s like riding a bike.’

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