Learn How To Read Braille With LEGO

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Photo of four lego blocks spaced apart contain the letters P, L, A, Y along with the corresponding number of raised bumps. Photo credit: Brickset.com

Learning Braille is easy as well as fun with Braille LEGO. Photo credit: Brickset.com







You can do a lot with LEGO.  The number of things you could build are endless.  You can even learn how to read braille with Braille Bricks.  Braille breaks down barriers to literacy and can provide better job opportunities for those who can read it.  Check out this story from Assistive Technology Blog.  Computer programs, audio books and screen readers are very helpful, but do not provide the level of independence that Braille Bricks can provide users.  It’s also a fun and easy way to learn braille.

If you have trouble finding information that is accessible due to vision loss please call Freedom Resource Center at 1-800-450-0459 or visit us at freedomrc.org.

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