Life without limits

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Wheelchair athlete Aaron Fotheringham coming off a jump in his wheelchair is 10 feet in the air as he sails past the cameras.
Extreme wheelchair athlete Aaron Fotheringham showing us there is really nothing holding us back but ourselves.

You can do anything you set your mind to. The sky’s the limit. When the going gets tough…you get it. There are so many cliches out there, but in reality, so many of them are true. Everyday we have limits set for ourselves; how much can we take on, how far can we go, how much we can exercise. Actually, I need to seriously pay more attention to that last one. But honestly, so many limits are put on us by us. Sure, some of us were not cut out for being athletes. I’m certainly no athlete. I still have a plate and seven screws in my ankle from trying to play tennis. Tennis. But, enough about me.

When we place limits on ourselves because of a disability, we are selling ourselves short. The human spirit is like a coiled spring. The more it is pushed down, the more energy it has to bounce back up. I remember when my dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He never stopped doing what he loves; playing a mean guitar; despite the tremors and aches.

My dad playing his guitar from his wheelchair.

My dad continues to play as often as he can, and has never lost his passion for music and playing.

I recently had the privilege of attending a FM vision group meeting. This group consists of avid motorcycle enthusiasts, college graduates, and skiers. All members are heavily involved in their community and enjoy getting out; all are either blind or nearly blind. When going around the table, there was not one person who let their loss of vision limit their lives. The experience reminded me of a story about Jameyanne Fuller. She was born blind, but refused to live a limited life. She scaled a mountain, scored a perfect 800 on her math SATs and attended Harvard Law School. Read her story here.

Last year we shared a story about Mariusz Kedzierski. The amazing artist born with no arms. If you don’t recall, I will share it again here.

Really, no matter what is trying to hold us back in life, we always have the ability to bounce back, without limits.

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