Local College Modifying Toys For Children With Disabilities

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A young girl using an accessible controller for a Thomas the Train remote controlled toy. Photo credit: Switchgamingblogspot.com

Many toys come with small switches and buttons that are not accessible for children with physical disabilities. Photo credit: Switchgaming.blogspot.com









This year for Christmas students at North Dakota State University are modifying toys for children with disabilities.  You may have noticed that many toys have small switches that are difficult to turn on.  Making small modifications to switches and buttons can make all the difference of a child being able to join in with their siblings this Christmas and play with their toys.  Check out this story on Valley News Live.  There are also companies that specialize in putting accessible features onto existing toys.  Check out this site.

Jerry from Freedom holding a chalk board with the word 'Access' written on it.

Because toys are better when they are accessible for everyone. Freedom Resource Center.

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