Lyft and Uber to Add More Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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A woman in a motorized wheelchair approaches wheelchair ramp into a wheelchair accessible Uber vehicle. Photo credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

Uber and Lyft are adding wheelchair accessible vehicles to their fleets after criticism. Photo credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

It has been a struggle.  Finding a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) from ride services like Lyft and Uber has been difficult to put it lightly.  In 2017 New York Lawyers For The Public Interest did a study on how successful Uber and Lyft are providing WAV’s to waiting riders. The results were so bad that the Equal Rights Center filed a lawsuit against Uber in the same year.  But slowly, things are turning around. Check out this story from Disability Scoop.  The battle for equal rights continues.

Pam from Freedom holding up a chalk board with the word 'Independence' written on it.

We will continue to advocate for independence for all. Freedom Resource Center



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