Make a difference without going to outer space

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When we hear that someone is making a difference we may have memories of selling cookies for a cause, or raising money for your school. We might even think of a time when somebody raised awareness about an issue. The issue may have impacted someone you work with, went to school with, a group of people you know, or even somebody in your family.  Advocacy comes in many forms. This time of year you will see examples of it at many of the stores you visit, in your mailbox, and on TV.  Early next year you will be able to witness advocacy from space. That’s right. Outer space.  When I was growing up I discovered MTV.  Right about that same time, space travel was just taking off.  Literally. But soon after, the beloved astronaut with a photo-shopped MTV flag was gone.

Music was replaced with reality TV. I was never fond of this shift, until now. MTV is going to cover something that can make a difference in people’s lives and I am not talking about Teen Mom. Although I am sure that show helped countless people to take control of their life and get through high school. What MTV is doing will be a welcome respite from reality TV as we know it.

You may not know who Eddie Ndopu is, but I am quite certain you will know who he is soon enough. When Eddie Ndopu was born, he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and given 5 years to live.  Eddie however, did not die at 5. He went on to graduate from Oxford University with a master’s degree in public policy.  Since then he has dedicated his life to fighting for rights of young people with disabilities.

If overcoming unbeatable odds and being an advocate was not enough, Eddie has a new mission. He is going to space, and MTV is going to document his journey of being the first person with a physical disability in outer space. Read this story here.Advocating for people knows no season. Everyday, someone you know, some you don’t know, are going through something that changes their lives. Lucky for them we don’t have to travel to space to make a difference.  It could be as simple as having a conversation or saying hello.  We covered different ways to be an advocate back in January. See how here.  Who is your advocate?  What do they do for you?

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