Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pictured with a crowd of supporters and an image of a large American flag in the background.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most influential speakers of our countries history. In 1963, King When fighting for civil rights, Dr. King organized “The March on Washington” where he delivered his “I have a Dream” speech, which is and likely always will be, one of the most-analyzed speeches in modern history. When you look up the greatest speeches in American History, this one is the first example you will find. In 1999, a survey of 137 public speaking and political scholars ranked the 100 most important political speeches of the 21st Century. King’s “I have a Dream” speech topped the list.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for equality. He used the power of his words and nonviolent resistance to achieve previously unattainable goals. King always maintained his beliefs that men and women or any color or creed are equal. Check out all of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s accomplishments by visiting The King Center here.

Please join us in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by celebrating his accomplishments in togetherness. Click here for link to the 2019 MLK Celebration which is being held at the Fargo Theater. Check your local city for events celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his achievements. Or do something for someone else. Be an advocate.


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