Motivational Monday: Communication tools are Vital

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I took this explanation straight from the video description (read below), what you should know is that “behaviors” often stem from frustration on the end of the person who is unable to communicate their feeling, needs or wants. Kreed is a young man with Autism and uses his communication device to express himself; a basic human need is to be connected.

This is why it is so important:

“Why is a communication device so important? Well besides the obvious, it’s a human right to have access to communication. Let me give you two scenarios.
In the first, Kreed doesn’t have a device. We are in the car driving to his speech therapy appointment, which was explained to him. He starts to hit himself, bite his hands, and maybe even attempt to grab the steering wheel. He bangs his head. I try to get him to stop. I can’t ask him what’s wrong because in this scenario he has no device. So what does he have? Behaviors. In this scenario, the aggression could continue or maybe somehow I get him to stop or we just go home because he’s too unsafe which is what would have probably happened.
The second scenario is this video. He’s mad. He tells me why. I tell him I understand however this is what we have to do right now. I ask him if it’s okay and he says yes. And we go on with the rest of our day without behaviors.
Any questions?”

Watch the video on @kreedsworld on Facebook from his mom on Sept 12. Photo of Kreed, who has autism, from his facebook group page

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