Motivational Monday: Doctor Experiences Disability and Learns Important Lessons that Make Him a Better Physician

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Dr. Grossman, an Emergency Room physician at the MAYO Clinic in Rochester, MN, experienced a spinal cord injury as the result of a bike accident; the article with his story is written in the MAYO Clinic Newsletter, The Loop.

“Ultimately, this is a story about getting back to doing things,” he tells us. The article supports the importance of a support system and says, “Dr. Grossman was buoyed by their support and discovered one of the most important lessons he’s learned on the other side of the bedside. ‘As a physician, I had underestimated the importance of a patient’s support network,’ he says. Now, surrounded by love and encouragement, he understood its significance.”

Dr. Grossman has a wonderful story about acceptance and how you have to start where you are at. “There was no self-pity, no time wasted wishing things were other than they were.” There was simply radical acceptance, a concept Dr. Grossman discovered and embraced early in his journey. “That doesn’t mean I haven’t set my sights on walking again or hope for a miracle of science,” he tells us. “It means that I recognize where I am and what it means for me and my loved ones and friends. It means I embrace where I am and what I have to do to move forward.”

“I had to begin that practice with humility, recognizing that things were not going to work perfectly right away,” Dr. Grossman says. “It’s also made him more aware of the challenges within the health care system and more committed to finding a way to address them. ‘It’s a difficult system to navigate,’ Dr. Grossman says. ‘I now have a unique voice. I want to use it to help humanize the system.’”

You can follow Dr. Grossman’s story on his website.Dr. Grossman sitting in a wheelchair in a patient room inside the Emergency Department at MAYO Clinic in Rochester, MN

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