Motivational Monday: Give yourself permission to pause.

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You’ve heard the saying, “work hard, play hard” but we forget the play hard part. Our lives are so full that we forget to pause and refill our buckets.  It is ok to take time for yourself, in fact, it’s necessary to fully be present in the things you need to get done every day.

What does it mean to pause? It means that you make time to be quiet and reset your brain. Pausing is essential for self-care and can be helpful to manage stress; to help us become more mindful of our emotional and physical states and make changes accordingly. How do you know if you need to pause?

You’re easily irritated.

You feel completely unmotivated- even to do things you normally enjoy.

You’re experiencing anxiety or panic attacks.

You’re having trouble sleeping. Either it takes you hours to fall asleep or your sleep is broken all through the night.

You have almost no patience and you find yourself being short with colleagues and family.

You’re experiencing indigestion. You have a low-grade stomach ache all the time or feel like there’s butterflies in your stomach.

You start crying unexpectedly.

You feel detached from reality- you go through your days without really emotionally responding or connecting to anything. You feel empty.


Read the full article by Kelly Maia here to learn ways to pause and practice self-care.

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