Motivational Monday: I am inspiring, but not because of my disability

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Pippa Stacey is not an inspiration; she a woman working for the same things you are.

We hear stories all the time about people with disabilities who overcome the odds and it makes us feel good about…? I don’t have an answer to that other than maybe we feel inspired, but why? Everyone loves a good hero story but this is no heroic and it is nothing special.

“Instead, this is real life. Rather than waltzing off into the sunset, I maneuver an unreliable wheelchair along a questionably uneven pavement. Instead of finding a handsome prince, I concentrate on finding the most qualified medical professionals to manage my condition — with bonus points if they happen to be attractive, of course. And my plot twist isn’t a small fortune: it’s not knowing if, when or how I will ever get better.”

Pippa is a blogger, an entrepreneur, a volunteer, an award winner, an author and a woman on a mission, who happens to have a disability; she is making her mark on this work as we all hope to and it shouldn’t in spite of her disability that it is inspirational, it should be because she’s a remarkable person who works towards her goals.

Read her article herephoto of Pippa Stacey

Follow her @pippastacey or read her blog.

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