Motivational Monday: The greatest gift is friendship

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A Perham, MN student-athlete presented a jersey to a special friend of his; his friend Quenten Schumacher has cerebral palsy and is Jenson Beachy’s biggest fan. The pair talks less about disability and more about friendship and their bond over the game. Jenson and Quenten have been friends since middle school and have been each other’s biggest supporters when it comes to growing up in a smallish town.

Quenten’s mother had reservations about moving back to her hometown fearing there would be fewer resources and opportunities for her son, the article says,

“Hofmann wanted to be closer to family and friends, but feared a smaller town would have less resources for Quenten, who was entering fifth grade. She was wrong.

“‘It was just amazing the community support and the genuine kindness these kids display for him,’ Hofmann said. ‘As a parent of a child with special needs that’s what you long for. Jenson and Quenten have been the best of friends since forever. Everyone is so hung up on image and what things look like. There’s not a cookie-cutter example for friendship. I think they’re setting a really good example.'”

The jersey Jenson presented to Quenten was a Perham football jersey with the #2 and Schumacher across the back and was a symbol of friendship between the two students. The boys are nearing their senior year and are both excited to do it together each supporting the other.

Read the full article here.

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. – Hubert H. Humphrey
Beachy and Shumacher sitting on a bench. View from the back.

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